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Pot Vaporizer Health Benefits

Despite the controversy surrounding the effects of Cannabis, some of the medical effects cannot be disputed. 

First of all the vapor is not as harsh on the throat (though the taste can take some getting used to). Also THC boils at 392 F but burning it is much hotter and the heat of the burning destroys some of the THC (making it less potent).

Not only that but a recent study found that water filtration systems are worse for the lungs than joints! This is because the increase the amount of tars in the smoke per unit of THC (thus one must inhale more tars to get the same amount of THC). This same study found that ONLY VAPORIZERS contain less tar per amount THC than joints!

In quantity, Cannabis smoking can cause the same health problems as tobacco smokers, such as bronchitis, emphysema, and bronchial asthma. It is to be noted, however, that while a habitual tobacco smoker may consume twenty to forty cigarettes (one to two packs) in a day, a habitual marijuana cigarette (joint) smoker consumes far fewer. It should also be noted, however, that marijuana users usually inhale much deeper breaths (hits) and hold them in for much longer in order to absorb as much of the THC in the smoke as possible. Many marijuana users wishing to minimize risks of lung damage instead choose to either eat their dosages or use water pipes or vaporizers, which are known to seriously reduce and perhaps (for vaporizers) eliminate lung damage. Although very limited research has been conducted on the effects of cannabis when consumed orally, it is commonly theorized that its harm is negligible, undoubtedly far less harmful than oral consumption of alcohol. 

Inhalation of any sort of smoke is unhealthy. Marijuana smoke (and nearly all other smoke) contains known toxins. Using a water pipe or bong reduces the particulate matter in smoke. Using a vaporizer almost completely eliminates the damage caused to your lungs. 




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