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How to make a Pot Vaporizer
There are many vaporizer designs, many are messy, blu-tac and ceiling wax jobs with no real structure, functionality or style. Remember the great words of Frank Lloyd Wright the well respected American Architect. "form follows function." 

This is what is required. Good functionality before its form. So what has to happen. You need to be able to heat your green to a high enough temperature so that it does not burn it but the THC (that's the sticky stuff on cannabis) within it boils and vaporises right out. 

The green stays the same structure and slowly turns to an ash deposit, this is all the smoke you aren't inhaling! There is NO smoke and the vapors need to be caught so that they can be inhaled when wanted, so you need an enclosed space of some sort.

The best home made job is using a soldering iron. You also need one large jar; pickle size is good, got me, 1.5 litre or more. You will also need some tubing and maybe rubber grommets.

The idea is to drill a perfect size hole for the soldering iron to fit snugly down into the jar without the need for any glue or a grommet is ideal. This area may get hot later on so you don't need the hassles of glue vapor. Yuck. 

If you glue some lead to the bottom (outside) of the jar then the cord end of the soldering iron should be able to stick straight out of the top of the jar, without falling over. You now need a small cage or a "mesh sandwich" for the green which attaches to the end of the soldering point. The green vaporises best when in contact with the hot metal. Last, add two more holes for tubing through the jar so as to suck the vapor out one tube and let air in the other.

So, this simple soldering iron within a large metal topped jar works OK if you get it right. 

If you get bored with making your own or just aren't happy with the results, maybe you should take a look at our site. Good luck, if done right they work well!

How To Build A Simple Yet Effective Vaporizer

They are by far the best way I have smoked weed and are not hard to make.

Simple Vaporizer Plans
These are plans on building a simple vaporizer out of a soldering iron, some wood, and a plastic 2 litre bottle.

Of course not everyone has the skills, tools, or time to make their own vaporizer. Fortunately it is possible to buy vaporizers!!

The Simple Yet Effective Vaporizer

First you will need the following materials:

-- A soldering iron 
-- Flat piece of wood (any wood about 1/2 inch thick...at least 8 inches X 8 Inches) 
-- Wooden Dowels (long at least 22 inches and about 1/2 inch diameter) 
-- A plastic 2 liter bottle (the kind with the black part on the bottom)

First cut the flat wood into a triangle with equal 8 inch sides (60 deg. angles)

Second Stain and varnish the wood (or polyurethane).

Choose one side of the flat triangle to be the top Find the exact centre of the triangle and mark it on both top and bottom.

Choose a drill bit size such that the soldering iron handle can be set into the hole created by the drill and have the rim on the top (handle end nearest the element) sit on it so it doesn't fall through.

Drill with this size bit through the center of the triangular piece.

Turn the triangular piece over and mark 3 spots each about 1 inch from the vertex each angle.

Drill through each of these at a 15 degree angle with the smallest bit that the size dowel you have will fit into (snug is good).

Turn the triangular piece to the top.

Pull the plastic bottom piece off of the 2 litre bottle Cut out the middle of this piece (the indented middle part).

Place the black piece over the hole in the centre of the wooden triangle and put a two nails through it into the wood.

Use Hot Glue (or better Silicon sealant) around the bottom of the black piece and fill in any cracks in it made in the removal from the bottle.

Place some wood glue in each of the holes on the bottom of the triangular piece.

Put a dowel in each of these holes and gently tap them with a hammer to set them (then let the glue dry).

Put the soldering iron power cord through the hole in the middle (trim the plastic if you have to).

Pull the soldering iron through so that it rests on the base...sticking up into the air.

Cut out the bottom of the 2 litre bottle (make a nice hole as big as you can but so that it still will go into the black piece and fit (leave some of the curved bottom).

Thatís it...now just fashion a bowl and your all set.

Alternatively you can purchase a vaporizer cheaply from:

Fashioning The Bowl 

Depending on what soldering iron you use the bowl making is a little different. I usually use a more expensive iron where the tip screws on. It has the threads on the element (like a screw) and the soldering tip had threads like a nut (inside).

When this type is used the bowl is easy to make. There are two ways I have had success with. The first is Tin foil. Just wrap tin foil around the threads where the tip would go and make a little bowl (small bowl is good...like maybe 1/2 an inch diameter).

Heated tin foil is not a healthy thing to breathe, so the suggested bowl would be similar to the one described below.

The next way to make a bowl for this type is to buy a thimble (size 9 works nice). It must be a metal thimble! Take the thimble and make a hole in it (the top) work the hole till it is the size of the threads on the soldering iron. Now try to put it on. If it is too loose then take it off and wrap a few layers of tin foil around the threads and try again (this will tighten it up).

If you use the cheaper soldering irons (the ones where the tip screws in rather than on) then try leaving the tip on and using a larger thimble (much larger).

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